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IT Automation

We use IT automation software and tools to maximize value and minimize stress. IT automation—when it works, it’s barely visible; when it fails, it’s catastrophic. Even if your automation initiative can pay for itself with hard-dollar savings in operational costs, taking an ad-hoc approach in the era of the digital enterprise puts you at a serious competitive disadvantage.
Implemented strategically, automation can deliver far greater business value by dramatically improving time to market and quality of service, increasing your ability to respond quickly to changing business requirements, and radically reducing security and compliance risks. Bits & Binaries provides the best-practices guidance, products, and services you need to achieve a lasting competitive advantage through automation.

IT Automation Methodology:

Bits & Binaries suggets the application of this methodology in the efficient and in a effortless way. The steps involved in its implementation are:

IT Automation benefits:


Application deployment and DevOps best practices enable the building, testing, and delivery of software rapidly and reliably. Bits & Binaries help your DevOps teams deliver applications faster, and with higher quality by providing self-service development capabilities that work within existing continuous delivery processes. Build collaborative workflows between development and operations to accelerate release cycles and boost ROI.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid cloud computing offers end-to-end compliance and IT service management governance across physical and virtual infrastructures, and private and public clouds. Industries that prioritize compliance and security—such as healthcare, finance, and the federal government—rely on us to deliver a trusted hybrid cloud.

What to look for in hybrid cloud management software

Deploy hybrid clouds of all sizes

With Bits & Binaries Cloud Lifecycle Management, you can build, manage, and govern a hybrid cloud architecture for simple use cases and complex workloads. Get the agility, flexibility, and scalability you need to quickly deploy a hybrid cloud that’s built to last.