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Bits and Binaries Inc. was founded by IT Professionals and leaders from wide spectrum of industries to build IT business solutions. Bits and Binaries was formed with a strong focus in areas such as IT Managed Services, Cloud, DEV OPS, IT Infrastructure, Automation, Databases, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, IT Service Management and Project Management to its customers with assured service excellence on high-quality, reliable and cost-effective services to various industrial verticals.

Bits and Binaries Inc is headquartered in Irving, Texas, USA


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Managed Services

Deliver More, More Efficiently: Provide high quality, secure services with much greater efficiency, freeing up time to complete IT projects that are strategic to the business.
IT Service Management

ITSM solutions combine modern digital services design with best-practice ITSM principles to lead a new age in service management excellence. Modernize your service desk with the correct ITSM solution from Bits & Binaries Inc.

Trends driving the digital workplace:
Digital Workplace

The digital workplace whirl around employees needs. Where employees can find and choose the best available technology tools they need to do their tasks easily.

With Remedy Service Management you can:

IT Automation

Transform the business value of IT. IT automation software and tools to increase value and decrease strain.

Use DevOps tools to decrease application launch cycles. Application deployment and DevOps best practices allows the building, testing, and delivery of software on time while including the features your customers want.

Bits & Binaries will help your DevOps teams deliver applications faster and with higher quality by providing development capabilities that work with existing delivery processes. Build collaborative workflows between development and operations to speed up release cycles and increase ROI.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Adopt Hybrid cloud computing for fast time-to-value and long-term compliance. Hybrid cloud computing offers end-to-end compliance and IT service management across physical and virtual infrastructures, and private as well as public clouds.

Industries that prioritize compliance and security—such as healthcare, finance and the governments rely on Bits & Binaries to deliver a trusted hybrid cloud solution.

IT Operations Analytics

Drastic growth of data in today's connected world offers invaluable opportunities for analysis and decision making for organizations.
Business Intelligence

Bits & Binaries help our clients understand the information needs of their customers by using our BI tools. We also help them integrate data faster and economically using tools and proven concepts such as data virtualization and augmented data warehouse.

Salient features:
Data Analytics

Companies today are in dire need of insights into markets, customers and their own internal processes to stay ahead of their competition and to deliver sustainable business growth. There is a need to go beyond the customised approach to data.

For quicker and better decisions, one must learn to cope with and build on the high volume and velocity of real-time structured and unstructured data.


We do the back-end work; you focus on your core competencies.

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